Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sabak Bernam The Memoirs

Another Sunday. nothing much to do today. Browsed through my pictures collection and found some worth to be uploaded in my blog. These pics were from my 1st raya collection at parent-in-law homeplace, Sabak Bernam. Nice village, with tranquil air perfect for anyone already fade-up with the hectic environment in city.
Main job for locals here is coconut planters other than fishermen and paddy planters. Fresh fishes were easily spotted here with amazingly cheap prices.
I really loves the reflection of the paddy home on the paddy field. Perfecto!

Old jeep, surely has been in a long service for his owner who runs a coconut field.


  1. Cantik gambor reflection tu! Good job lah!

  2. thanks dude...appreciate that

  3. yang top tu nice pic..damai

  4. tu paddy field very much...very tranquil.thanks