Monday, October 5, 2009

Hang Out With Her @ Pantai Remis

Yesterday, right after I uploaded my blog "Sabak Bernam The Memoirs" a nice plan strucked into my mind. Why don't we hang out, looking for some new sights? Yeah...why not! It should be perfect!

Destination?Pantai Remis. Er..ok, it sounds familiar...but what can we find there? Haha, me and my wife have something in common...move your butt first, than think later...

Pantai Remis wasn't bad at all. Small town populated majority by chineese and malay. Main professions, fishermans and farmers. The shop lots here are basically made of plank and mix with concretes and you can easily spotted old chineese kopitiam. We bought some fresh 1kg siakap, prawns, and 0.5kg shrimps with only RM 29!!!So cheap but yet so fresh. That night, my wife cook our favourite seafood meals; fresh 1kg siakap bakar, kailan ikan masin, udang sambal, and sotong tepung...yummy. Love my wife's cook very very much! you dear. And of course, I took some pictures as usual.


  1. bestnya ada model tetap =)

    I like the 2nd picture best... maybe because of the perspective and straight lines...

  2. hahaha...mahal oo nak upah model tu.

    thanks for the compliment ihsan...i suppose you like geometry compo. let's outdoor shooting sometime.