Saturday, November 7, 2009

Intel Mangrove Preservation Programme

Intel is having their community outreach programme today at Kampung Sungai Semilang, Juru, Kedah. Me and my wife travelled as early as 5 a.m from Lumut to be there early since my wife is part of the committee.
Our arrival was welcomed with splendid scenery of mangrove tress, birds, and of course hospitality of the villagers. Intel was very close to this community since the mangrove preservation campaign has lasted for past 3 years. The flora and fauna are now developing very well, a good testimony of remarkable success stories of Intel's effort to preserve mother nature. There were also some students from nearby schools taking part.
Before going home, I was captured with the scenery of this buffalo kid playing with the bird before she was stunned with my presence. I love to see her curios face looking at me, planning either to come closer to me or run away to her mom perhaps.

Modern Contemporary Home in Juru

To own a home is everyone's need, but to have one with generous space and of course, perfect interior which suits your taste...priceless. I have bought lots and lots of interior design magazine to inspire me for my new home...but never had an opportunity to really being to a show house which really tackles my sight...inside out!

This freehold double story home is really spacious. Built with modern concept with built up area around 2770 sq ft onwards, really hits my interest. What I like the most...its interior design. modern and contemporary.

The tag's price? RM 400,000 ONWARDS. But so unfortunate the location is in Juru...which I will ony buy if I own a personal jet plane to commute to my workplace at KL...hehe.

Here I share some of the pics for your inspiration...and owh ..the developer is CityHub Development Sdn. Bhd.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another Mid Year Performance Evaluation

Huhu...almost at the end of 2009 already. And out of many common scenes in the office is the head cracking performance update. Everyone seems either really busy doing their job...or 'buat2' busy. Hahaha...

This year performance?Erm...well.To be honest I feel I'm more committed this year rather than last year. I enjoy doing my works cause it is more specific. And the challenge is interesting too...hopefully I could achieve good performance rating...but it all depends on boss...I just do what I suppose to do and deliver more than they expected. That's all.
And if really I'm in stress...back to do some street shots...whoaaa...i loike!Hahaha.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hang Out With Her @ Pantai Remis

Yesterday, right after I uploaded my blog "Sabak Bernam The Memoirs" a nice plan strucked into my mind. Why don't we hang out, looking for some new sights? Yeah...why not! It should be perfect!

Destination?Pantai Remis. Er..ok, it sounds familiar...but what can we find there? Haha, me and my wife have something in common...move your butt first, than think later...

Pantai Remis wasn't bad at all. Small town populated majority by chineese and malay. Main professions, fishermans and farmers. The shop lots here are basically made of plank and mix with concretes and you can easily spotted old chineese kopitiam. We bought some fresh 1kg siakap, prawns, and 0.5kg shrimps with only RM 29!!!So cheap but yet so fresh. That night, my wife cook our favourite seafood meals; fresh 1kg siakap bakar, kailan ikan masin, udang sambal, and sotong tepung...yummy. Love my wife's cook very very much! you dear. And of course, I took some pictures as usual.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sabak Bernam The Memoirs

Another Sunday. nothing much to do today. Browsed through my pictures collection and found some worth to be uploaded in my blog. These pics were from my 1st raya collection at parent-in-law homeplace, Sabak Bernam. Nice village, with tranquil air perfect for anyone already fade-up with the hectic environment in city.
Main job for locals here is coconut planters other than fishermen and paddy planters. Fresh fishes were easily spotted here with amazingly cheap prices.
I really loves the reflection of the paddy home on the paddy field. Perfecto!

Old jeep, surely has been in a long service for his owner who runs a coconut field.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Eid Mubarak '09 Outdoor Shooting

12th September '09, a long awaited day for me to hang out and have an outdoor shooting with my 2 other friends. Location? Jalan TAR.

With Eid Mubarak coming just in a week time, the feelings of Aidilfitri celebrations are everywhere in the air. We plan to start our journey from KL Sentral...

While on the go, a drama was spotted on the scene. A heavily drunken old man was lying on the street with some tresspassers stopped by to look at him. His friends surrounded as of to tease that man. Our lenses were burst with shots to capture the scene. There were also two to three policemen around that makes us feel safe if something happen out of controlled.

These are pictures taken from the scene. Enjoys...

I was captured with this moment. This old man is wearing a note on his shirt saying "Nasihat Saya Kepada Kerajaan", resembling older generation ideology towards government. How about younger generation? This boy is wearing a shirt printed "Diperlukan Seorang Awek" or a girlfriend is needed, clearly dictates each generations ideology and thinking are much apart.

In this shot of my friend Ijal at the railway station, I tried to play around with angle tilted to a bit left to achieve the illusion of almost 45 deg between the railway platfrom and the roof to the frame. Used aperture priority and iso 200 with my 50mm f1.8 lense.