Saturday, November 7, 2009

Modern Contemporary Home in Juru

To own a home is everyone's need, but to have one with generous space and of course, perfect interior which suits your taste...priceless. I have bought lots and lots of interior design magazine to inspire me for my new home...but never had an opportunity to really being to a show house which really tackles my sight...inside out!

This freehold double story home is really spacious. Built with modern concept with built up area around 2770 sq ft onwards, really hits my interest. What I like the most...its interior design. modern and contemporary.

The tag's price? RM 400,000 ONWARDS. But so unfortunate the location is in Juru...which I will ony buy if I own a personal jet plane to commute to my workplace at KL...hehe.

Here I share some of the pics for your inspiration...and owh ..the developer is CityHub Development Sdn. Bhd.

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