Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Belgium, Land of Chocolates!

My most recent visit to europe was in Belgium, land of chocolates! It was for a one week job assignment. I flew on last 25th October '08 from KLIA to Schiphol International Airport, Amsterdam and took KLM flight to Brussels Airport in Belgium. It was during the winter window, mild breeze but cold enough to make you shiver especially in Antwerp.

Antwerp was amongst the famous port city in the world and third behind Rotterdam and Hamburg for container throuhput. This port is strategically located upnorth of europe facing the harsh North Sea. There is a local legend on how Antwerp got his name. Local's here told me that there was a giant troll standing at the entrance of the sea, collecting taxes from traders and fishermans who wish to enter the Port of Antwerp during the Golden Age. The taxes were so expensive. Until one day a brave man has stood strong and swayed his sword trough the trolls hand. Blood was everywhere and finally the troll ran away. The fishermans finally live happily ever after =)

I haven't got any DSLR at that time. All the shots were taken from my 3.0 Megapixels HTC Tytn II. With a lil help in Photoshop I manage to beef up some of the pictures but couldn't enlarge too much to avoid noise and unsharpness. Enjoy viewing...

European is very good in preserving their heritage. This is a view of a shopping mall renovated from the conserved old buildings from Renaissance Age.

Early in the morning. It was damn cold outside and you can see the tower of this gothic cathedral hidden in the mist. I was shivering like crazy even with my 4 layers winter coat.

What's in the plastic bag? Haha, lots and lots of chocolates and souvenirs!


  1. thanks syuk! btw it's really 'cool' there in fact