Sunday, September 13, 2009

Eid Mubarak '09 Outdoor Shooting

12th September '09, a long awaited day for me to hang out and have an outdoor shooting with my 2 other friends. Location? Jalan TAR.

With Eid Mubarak coming just in a week time, the feelings of Aidilfitri celebrations are everywhere in the air. We plan to start our journey from KL Sentral...

While on the go, a drama was spotted on the scene. A heavily drunken old man was lying on the street with some tresspassers stopped by to look at him. His friends surrounded as of to tease that man. Our lenses were burst with shots to capture the scene. There were also two to three policemen around that makes us feel safe if something happen out of controlled.

These are pictures taken from the scene. Enjoys...

I was captured with this moment. This old man is wearing a note on his shirt saying "Nasihat Saya Kepada Kerajaan", resembling older generation ideology towards government. How about younger generation? This boy is wearing a shirt printed "Diperlukan Seorang Awek" or a girlfriend is needed, clearly dictates each generations ideology and thinking are much apart.

In this shot of my friend Ijal at the railway station, I tried to play around with angle tilted to a bit left to achieve the illusion of almost 45 deg between the railway platfrom and the roof to the frame. Used aperture priority and iso 200 with my 50mm f1.8 lense.


  1. Am, those pics yang u amik kt Jln TAR really make me thinking for a while...

  2. thanks kak long...wonder what are you thinking actually =)

  3. I'm just thinking how lucky we are with what we have compare to those people in those pic..
    It's so sad.. We realized about it but we just ignored.. Nauzubillah...