Monday, September 7, 2009

From Taiping With Love

I've never thought of being in Taiping before. Apart by distance with my wife in Penang and myself in Lumut, Taiping just happened to be a favourable destination because of its location perfectly in the middle of our journey to see each other. I was fascinated with this old historical town and at last I've the opportunity to walk around the town and enjoy the "old school" feeling of this township. I have also the opportunity to get along with the multi racial locals here with so many customs perfectly blended together. Dont be surprised that majority of locals here could speak in both Chinese and Indian other than Bahasa Melayu.

The first building that captured my sight was a mamak restaurant named "Bismillah Restaurant". It was well known for its specialty in roti canai and cendol. The building itself was built in 1932, far older than WWII chapter.

I've also paid a visit to the WWII cemetery at Bukit Larut. One of the tomb that I have spotted belongs to a young engineer in the Indian Royal Forces, only age 25 upon his death. I was empathy to all the heroes that have fought till their honourable death to protect our nations. May their souls rest in peace.

Taiping is rich with old buildings that been preserved since their old days. Here are some pics I snapped while walking around the shop lot. I really like the scene of "old school" around this town with majority old folks are still doing job in the street. Much alike the old man selling buns in the pic below, I have spotted many of them around this town. Perhaps this is what they have been doing for generations.


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