Friday, September 4, 2009

How it started?

I've fallen in love with photography since after my own wedding. It all begans after I browsed for wedding photographers to capture my precious moment with my loved ones. Now and then I was mesmerized with good composition pictures, especially on how a single pictures could tell thousand stories. Similar as a time capsule, it is such a canvas that preserve and detail out every moment in humans life. Then, I have "begged" my wife a Nikon DSLR D60 for a wedding present. Thanks God she wasnt reluctant. =)

I've brought along my D60 for honeymoon vacation. Where? Mataking Island, Sabah. Its truly a paradise. Snorkeling at Sipadan, having outdoor jacuzi, night walk around the island, and of course, snap a lot and a lot of pictures with my brand new D60. I would like to share lots of the pictures taken but sorry guys, 18sx rated. Haha.


  1. Hmm
    Good luck bro
    Maybe aku kawen nanti kau boleh amek gamba aku, free jelah
    Sebab aku kan artis...muahahhhahahahahaha

  2. hahaha...tu la.bukan senang nak jadi photog untuk budak kecil botak yang sangat nakal kan sinchan?